Continental Role Play on Twitter
October 14, 2014, 5:21 pm by ikey07

From today Continental Role Play can also be found on Twitter, follow to
receive latest news if there is some downtime or any other issues, or
just to see some quick news.

New screenshots added
October 12, 2014, 4:09 pm by ikey07

New screenshots are added to the gallery, check out, maybe you are in one of them!
New screenshots added
October 10, 2014, 1:58 pm by ikey07

New screenshots are added to the gallery, check out, maybe you are in one of them!
Current Script version 1.6.9
October 5, 2014, 12:21 pm by ikey07

Added /note, you can now /drop,/give or /writenote - Yon can write a note and drop or give it to anyone, after you dropping it, you can
even see what
you have wrote on it.

New way to escape from the state prison - You can now escape from the state prison by using shovel and digging a hole at the green area
at the state
prison backyard. Watch the video.

/tagon and /tagoff cmds to hide the nametag - You can turn nametags off at your side to make some more screenshots or videos!
Added /support cmd to open tickets IG to GPP - Opening tickets have never been so easy, you can open the from the game!

Many new anims, incl. new /dance

Just a small texture change for the towing company

Anti-cheat system once again
State prison map glich
Caravan buying bug in grotti autos

Jailtime above 30 mins, needs to be server in the state prison - If an officer prison you in the PD for more than 30 mins, you are
spawned in the state prison.
Also I made state prison a little bit darker
New screenshots added
September 29, 2014, 9:13 pm by ikey07

New screenshots are added to the gallery, check out, maybe you are in one of them!
Current Script version 1.6.8
September 22, 2014, 10:34 am by ikey07

- /enddb command to stop Drive-by without exiting the car - Now to end drive-by, you dont need to reenter in the car, just use /enddb
and you will be set back in the car.
- /takeradio command, it works similar to /takephone - Now you can take a Radio from the player, its useful at the kidnapping
- Counterfeiter job with ability to create a fake ID Cards - Now there is a Counterfeiter job, which you can get at the illegal faction
bosses, just like it was with a gun dealer job.
How it works: First you need to steal ID card templates from the Police dept, the room is located on the second floor, then get to the
library and use /createfakeid at the PC, after it use /printfakeid at the printer, After that you can use /givefakeid to handout the ID
card. Fake ID contain Fake name, age and country, fingerprints, issued date and ID card No. is a random numbers. Police can check if an
ID is fake from the MDC at Check ID Card option, it will show if entry is found or not. As player you can use /fidcard to check your
fake ID card or /showfakeidcard( /sfid ) to show it to someone else. Counterfeiters is allowed to ask up to 50,000$ per fake ID Card.
- Hackable PD main door keypad - You can now open the PD main doors with a /hack command
- Library interior and New Eclipse HQ by Yaidan Shearer

- Metagame possibility at certain commads usage - By using some commands you could find out who is who, while they are using masks, now
this issue is fixed
- Anti-cheat system for drive-by support - As I added drive-by system old anti-cheat system was reseting player weapons after they
exiting the car.

- Only illegal faction with the biggest turf can rob the bank, ship or a security truck - which means you have to fight against other
gangs to gain turf points to extend your turf.
/gundealer command is changed to /givejob as it also include Counterfeiter job now.
To make a gang war you dont need to have 5000$ in your funds